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KBDP64 IC Keyboard Encoder for up to 64 switches. Parallel output plus strobe

General Description

The KBDP64 IC is designed to provide a parallel binary output encoder for keyboards up to 64 keys. The KBDP64 IC contains all the logic necessary to encode a SPST keyboard switch array up to 8 by 8 in size and provide a parallel binary output and a data available strobe. The data available strobe goes high when a key is pressed, and goes low when the key is released. The data outputs keep their states after the key is released. The array can be a 8 x 8 array, but any smaller size may be used. The KBDP64 handles debouncing and encodes the keys with no external parts. All timing is internally generated. No external diodes are required in the array to prevent key ghosting in a two key rollover situation. A .1 uF bypass capacitor is suggested across the VDD and VSS pins. The part uses the standard 28 pin .3 inch width SOIC and DIP package.


  • Parallel data output plus strobe
  • Fully encodes a key switch array. (up to 8 x 8)
  • No external parts required.
  • Low power consumption 2 mA typical.
  • Supply voltage 2.4 to 5.25 volts.
  • Last key pressed retained on data outputs.
  • All timing internally generated.
  • 2 Key rollover.
  • On chip row input resistors.
  • Internal key bounce elimination.
  • TTL and CMOS compatible outputs.
  • Part is in full production.
  • SOIC and DIP 28 Pin Package.
  • Low EMI.
  • ROHS Compliant.

Example Circuit

Spec sheet: Keyboard Encoder parallel output 64 keys

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