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Schematic and IC Design

Experience in electronic design, product manufacturing, safety, and knowledge of electronic parts, circuitry, and microprocessors are necessary to make a workable design. Choosing the proper ICís and microprocessors to produce your product is critical. Not only is function an issue, but speed, power consumption, availability and package choice are important for proper function. We have the experience to get through these choices quickly and effectively. Many of todayís designs can be completed using a single microprocessor IC of the proper type. Our skills at choosing and programming the proper ICís mean your product will be built at low cost and in high volume at competitive cost.

PC Board Layout

A proper PC board layout can make or break your product. PC board real estate is expensive, and a circuit board too large can end up raising the price of your product with no gain. A PC board too small may cause may increase manufacturing costs and cause heat dissipation issues. Experience is required to properly lay out a PC board. Attention to detail is critical. The board must be laid out properly not only to achieve electrical continuity, but also manage heat issues, high speed signal integrity, mechanical issues and manufacturing issues. All it takes is one mistake and your PC boards will not work. Our experience minimizes these mistakes and gets you through the design validation steps quickly.


A microprocessor chip by itself is useless. It requires a program to make it perform a function. The program may be written in the native language of the chips itself, called assembly, or it may be written in a higher level language such as ďC.Ē Regardless of the language chosen, a person versed in the language takes into account the limits of the microprocessor, the needs of the product, and writes the program to perform the desired function. ABCircuits has years of experience developing reliable software for microcomputers.


No matter the product, it still must be produced. Every stage along the way may introduce problems that could result in products that donít work. ABCircuits has many years of producing electronic products, and the skill set necessary to get products through the production process quickly and cost effectively. These skills are not taught in schools, and are only gained through years of practice

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ABCircuits knows all the ins and outs of making an idea come to life. While other companies may know parts of the process, it takes the whole to succeed. Why use multiple companies and bear the expense of retraining and loss of information and increased problems that goes with it? We can take your idea and produce a custom chip or complete electronic design to make your idea into a cost effective product in the minimal amount of time. Let us turn your idea into reality, send us an email today.