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CNT7 IC Dual Decade Counter with Seven Segment Outputs

General Description

The CNT7 IC is two decade counters with seven segment outputs for non multiplexed displays. The counter can be used as an up counter or a down counter. More than one CNT7 chip may be connected together to achieve larger displays. The CNT7 has internal pull resistors on inputs to minimize additional parts. The chip also provides clear function, output polarity control and a de-bounce circuit for mechanical switches.


  • Counter drives two seven segment non multiplexed displays.
  • Up or down counter.
  • Mechanical or electronic inputs.
  • Few external parts required.
  • Low power consumption 5 mA typical.
  • Supply voltage 3.3 to 5.25 volts.
  • On chip input pull up resistors.
  • Output polarity select.
  • TTL and CMOS compatible outputs.
  • Part is in full production.
  • SOIC and DIP 28 Pin Package.
  • Low EMI
  • ROHS Compliant

Example Circuit

Spec sheet: CNT7 Dual decade counter with seven segment outputs

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