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Seven Segment Controller IC's

ABCircuits provides seven segment controller IC's for a variety of purposes. Few external parts are required. Standard supply voltages from 3.3 to 5.25 volts with low power consumption of 5 mA typical. Inputs and outputs are TTL/CMOS compatible. Parts are ROHS compliant. All parts are in full production, and there is no minimum order.

HEX7 IC. Two Digit BCD or Hexadecimal to Seven Segment Controller

The HEX7 IC is a two digit BCD or hexadecimal to seven segment converter. 8 bits of parallel input are converted to drive two non multiplexed seven segment displays. 28 pin IC.

SER7 IC. Two Digit Serial to Seven Segment Controller IC

The SER7 is a bride between serial interfaces and one or two non multiplexed seven segment displays. Data is recieved in a 32 byte buffer and translated from ASCII to seven segment codes when a carriage return (hex 0D) is received. Expandable up to 32 digits. 28 pin IC.

CNT7 IC. Dual Decade Counter to Seven Segment Controller IC

The CNT7 has two decade up or down counters with seven segment outputs for non multiplexed displays. Expandable to any size. The IC has a clear input and a debounced input for mechancical switches. 28 pin IC.

TMP7 IC. 12 bit A/D Converter or Thermometer IC with Seven Segment and Serial Outputs.

The TMP7 IC is a 12 bit A/D conveter and may be used as a thermometer IC. The IC has 4 scales, degrees C, degrees F, percentage and raw 12 bit A/D outputs. The chip has non multiplexed seven segment and serial outputs. An inexpensive thermister may be used for the sensor. The chip may be used as a thermometer, a percentage display, or as a 12 bit A/D converter with serial output. 28 pin IC.

Custom IC's

Close but not quite? Since our products are software based, we can modify existing parts to fit your needs at a minimal cost or create new parts designed to your specifications. Email us and we can make a chip for you!